Single Log Cabin (court House Steps Variation)

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

MMFA_CourtHouseSteps_2004.21.12 (1)
MMFA_CourtHouseSteps_2004.21.12 (1)

MMFA_CourtHouseSteps_2004.21.12 (5)
MMFA_CourtHouseSteps_2004.21.12 (5)


Single Log Cabin (Court House Steps Variation), 1987

Mary Maxtion (American, born 1924)

Boligee, Greene County

Cotton and cotton/polyester blend

Gift of Anna Lowder and Harvi Sahota

MMFA #2004.21.12


Mary Maxtion’s Single Log Cabin (Courthouse Steps Variation), 1987, pursues illusionistic intent by structuring the length of the strips from longest to shortest from the edge of the quilt into its center. Her juxtaposition of colors and patterns enhances the sense of dramatic recession into space.


This is a stunning example of how to vary the scale of a basic quilt block. Rather than sewing up a stack of identical small blocks, then manipulating the placement of the light and dark sides to form a secondary pattern, Maxtion achieved maximum impact by enlarging the block to bed size. Two opposite sides of the quilt are light, and the other two are dark.



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