Sun, Moon, and Stars

Alabama Department of Archives and History

Sun, Moon, and Stars, ca. 1870

Elizabeth Wages Butler

Rose Hill, Covington County


ADAH #92.142.1


The Sun, Moon, and Stars quilt reflects the importance of the cycles of nature and seasons through phases of the moon in transit. Celestial references such as the stars also connect the quilt’s imagery to the cycles of day and night. In earlier eras, agricultural labor such as planting and harvesting were timed to coincide with lunar cycles as well as seasonal calendars. 


Elizabeth Wages Butler (1807-1880) moved to Covington County from South Carolina in the 1820s. Land records from the 1820s indicate Elizabeth and her husband, Lloyd Robert Butler, as early settlers of the area. According to family tradition, Elizabeth was a practicing midwife with over seventeen children of her own. According to the family, the Sun, Moon, and Stars quilt was made of cotton that was homegrown and processed, homespun, and dyed using natural materials from the area.  


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