Mount Ida Wedding Quilt

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Mt Ida Wedding Quilt
Mt Ida Wedding Quilt

Mt Ida Wedding Quilt from ADAH

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Mt Ida Wedding Quilt
Mt Ida Wedding Quilt

Mt Ida Wedding Quilt from ADAH


The Mount Ida Wedding Quilt, 1851

Women of the Mallory and Welch families

Talladega County


ADAH #86.1457.1


The Mount Ida Wedding Quilt was created in 1851 near Talladega, Alabama, as a wedding gift from the twelve women who made the individual squares. This quilt displays the technique of applique, in which pieces of fabric are cut into shapes, and then sewn down to a backing support to create the quilt top. The designs take their inspiration from the printed chintz cotton fabrics that originated in India, and became popular in England in the seventeenth century. Their popularity spread to the U.S., and American mills began copying chintz designs around 1830. The quilt squares were individually appliqued, then sewn together to form the top and, as a final step, the whole was quilted to a backing. Each square bears the name and, in some cases, the homestead of the woman who designed and created it. Such an elaborately crafted product would have been a symbol of significant social status and wealth bestowed by established members of their community on the young couple.


Created in 1851 by the women of the Welch and Mallory families, the Mount Ida Wedding Quilt was a gift to celebrate the marriage of Virginia M. Mallory and James Eli Welch on November 20, 1851. The Welch and Mallory families moved to Alabama from Virginia in 1834.


The Quilters:

Ann Maria Mallory (1813-1889) – Bride’s mother

Mary Jane Mallory (1822-1906) – Bride’s aunt

Ann T. Mallory Jenkins (1809-1851) – Bride’s aunt

Johannah Mallory (1828-?) – Bride’s aunt

Sarah T. Welch (1810-1861) – Groom’s stepmother

Mary J. White (1842-1874) – Groom’s stepsister

Hannah Eliz. Reynolds (1822-1890) – Groom’s sister

Mary Mallory (1811-1871) – Groom’s sister

Fannie A. Welch Burt (1818-1901) – Groom’s sister-in-law

Mary J. Welch (1823-1902) – Groom’s sister-in-law

Willie Ann Welch (1827-1896) – Groom’s sister-in-law

Ann Wallace (1832-1854) – Groom’s niece


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